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SIVAC 2000 MAE Audio Encoder Module (MPEG-1 Layer II)

SIVAC 2000 MAE is SAPEC’s MPEG-1 Layer II (ISO/IEC 11172-3) audio encoder module for SIVAC 2000 Chassis.

SIVAC 2000 MAE provides transport over DVB-ASI, IP (RTP/UDP with COP3 FEC SMPTE 2022) and PDH (E3/DS3) allowing multiple paths for signals.

SIVAC 2000 MAE operates with analog and digital signals (AES/EBU), encoding bitrates from 64 kbps to 384 kbps per stereo channel, and operates in stereo, joint stereo, mono and dual mono.

SIVAC 2000 MAE has an internal multiplexer that can deliver up to four stereo radio channels, due to four independent PMT’s.

SIVAC 2000 MAE supports configuration via web browser and also provides an SNMP agent for external monitoring. The equipment can also be managed centrally and simultaneously with SIVAC-NMS management system.

SIVAC 2000 MAE offers a built-in 1+1 autonomous redundancy system that provides a reliable audio and video signal transport.

SIVAC 2000 MAE has low power consumption (less than 20 W), making electrical installations easier.
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